Tuesday the17th of March at 19:45 is our next meeting at Elderslie Village Hall, everyone is welcome...

"I have brought you to the ring, now dance the best you can!"
Words shouted by Wallace to the Scottish army at the Battle of Falkirk on the 22nd of July 1298 as the English cavalry began to charge.
"This statue of William Wallace that flanks the entrance to Edinburgh Castle was the statue that inadvertently gave the inspiration to the movie Braveheart".
The scriptwriter Randall Wallace visited the castle while on vacation in Scotland, and noticed this statue, and was intrigued as the subject had the same second name as his own.
He asked one of the staff who this famous Wallace was, and was quite simply told,
"that sir, is our greatest hero!"
This sent Randall on a quest to discover all he could about this man called William Wallace,
and resulted in "Braveheart" being released in 1995.
We are hard at work behind the scenes bringing the site up to date, & thank you for your patience, primarily we're working on the USA side of things. We're also busy sorting out member certificates so if you haven't had yours yet, please get in touch, particularly if you joined by post or at an event.

It is with deep the deepest regret that we have to announce the sad passing of our friend and compatriot, Norrie, or to give him his full title Dotcom Norrie, as he was affectionately known by all those close to him.

Norrie was a larger than life personality and was a welcome addition to any event, commemoration or football match. Our events and commemorations will never be the same again without Dotcom!!

Norrie was a modern day freedom fighter and did everything he could to help Scotland win her independence, sadly he'll never get to see that day when it comes but he can be very proud of his efforts and hold his head high when he high fives St Peter at the pearly gates!!

Our thoughts are of course with his family and friends at this time.

There will never be another Dotcom Norrie!!


It is with deep the deepest regret that we have to announce the sad passing of our friend and compatriot, Gerald, or to give him his full title Gerald the Herald, as he was affectionately known by all those close to him.

Gerald lost his brave fight with brain cancer but we are told that he did not suffer and died in his son, Adrian's loving arms.

Gerald gifted the banner (pictured right) and two shields and a flag to the Society which we have proudly used and will continue to use for many more years in his memory and remember him fondly as we do so!!

Gerald was highly respected for all the work he had done for the many 'Living History' groups he had been a part of.

He will be greatly missed by all.

Our thoughts are with his dear wife Edna and all the Thorpe family at this time!!


Our Merchandise Officer Ziggy is walking the West Highland Way for charity in April for a very worthwhile cause, namely the Anthony Nolan Trust..

Having done the walk myself I wish him all the best as it can be tough at times but I can definetely assure him it'll be an experience he will never ever forget!!

Any donation however small will be gratefully appreciated, good luck Ziggy from us all here at the Society!!

The 2nd of January is always tinged with sadness as we remember our friend David R Ross' passing, has it really been five years!! W e also remembered our dear friend Duncan who sadly passed last year, we miss both of them like you wouldn't believe, to both their families we extend our love and support, especially at this time of year in particular as we can't imagine how you must be feeling, we also remember our friend Lachlan as well on this day.

To everyone who attended and braved the elements we thank you for your presence, to William, Paul and Gordon thank you for sharing your words and your memories of our three friends, gone but never forgotten!!

Everyone here at Society towers would like to take this oppotunity to wish all our friends, family and members all the very best for 2015!!

It's another challenging year for the society, but we'll do what we've always done and meet the challenges head on and do our very best!!

Just in case you may have forgotten where your donations and memberships go here's a wee reminder as we look back at 2014 and many years before that!!

We have some exciting projects to look forward to in 2015, bring it on
It's taken some time but our shop is finally up & running thanks to the hard work behind the scenes from Lesley & Ziggy!!

We've moved the shop over to our good friends @ PROUD CLOTHING as they very kindly offered to run our store for us, with their past experience and expertise how could we say no!!

We'll be adding lots of new stuff very soon so why not pop over and see our merchandise and say hello to the folk over at PROUD CLOTHING who sell some fantastic Scottish themed products.
We're going to leave this at the top of our home page in the future so that everyone can see what we're up to or involved in.

There are many events we take part in ranging from fully blown marches to quiet intimate gatherings to our monthly meetings, your presence at some or all of these event will be more than welcome!!

If you have a Scottish related event going on please let us know about it and we'll be happy to add it to our calendar.

To contact the webmaster CLICK HERE
We here at Society Towers felt that it was time the young history lovers out there should have somewhere out there they can chat and discuss Scottish history.

The idea of a Facebook page came up and we're delighted to say it's proving very popular and child friendly, there are also adult moderaters with security clearance to help when needed but primarily it will be run for the younger among us by the youngsters.

We're very proud to back this initiative driven forward by our younger members and wish them every success!!

A lot of our members and friends of the Society are extremely talented in their chosen field, Andy Hillhouse is one such person.
Andy is an artist of some note and designed the covers of most of the late great David R Ross' books.

We've worked closely with Andy in the past and came up with the idea of showing off some of his artwork to guage the interest, an online gallery if you like.

These prints will not be for sale but if you fancy any of them then please register your interest HERE and we'll see what we can do.

Our Wallace Memorial Centenary Tartan has now been officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans and we have to admit that we are slightly chuffed with ourselves.

We'd like to thank in no particular order, Alison Diamond and George MacKenzie over at the Scottish Register of Tartans for all their help.

To Stephanie and William, Chris, George and Gary and to all our wonderful members who have brought to life this wee idea that we should have our own tartan, especially in our centenary year!!

We are currently on our second bolt and are taking orders for our third bolt. If you'd like to register your interest in our tartan see link below.

All we ask is that you become a member and wear it with pride!!
This website is respectfully dedicated to the memory of our friends
They who inspired so many of us now sit with the patriots who inspired them!!