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Women of Scotland provides incredible insights into historic Scottish women such as the Bruce women, Mary Queen of Scots, Black Agnes and the witches of Scotland.

Exploring the fascinating stories of Scotland’s women, the late David R Ross’s last book goes further than repeating just the well known biographies of famous women such as Mary, Queen of Scots he also tells us stories of lesser known Scottish women.

Scottish Women will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in Scotland, from the passing tourist to the most fervent nationalist. It is probably the first book that brings Scottish women from our history together in one book once again stuffed with fascinating titbits not usually on offer in conventional history books.

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For Freedom David R Ross, The 'Biker Historian', goes On The Trail of William Wallace again to investigate his last days, the events that led up to his death, and their repercussions through Scottish history.

He ties Wallace's life and death to the issues of patriotism and Scottish nationality over the last seven hundred years, and identifies Wallace as a 'Scottish Martyr' who died for freedom and identity in the country he loved. 

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On The Trail of Bonnie Prince Charlie is the story of the Young Pretender.

Born in Italy, grandson of James VII, at a time when the German house of Hanover was on the throne, his father was regarded by many as the rightful king. Bonnie Prince Charlie's campaign to retake the throne in his father's name changed the fate of Scotland.

The Jacobite movement was responsible for the '45 Uprising, one of the most decisive times in Scottish history. The suffering following the battle of Culloden in 1746 still evokes emotion.

Charles' own journey after Culloden is well known: hiding in the heather, escaping to Skye with Flora MacDonald.

Little is known of his return to London in 1750 incognito, where he converted to Protestantism (he re-converted to Catholicism before he died and is buried in the Vatican).

He was often unwelcome in Europe after the failure of the uprising and came to hate any mention of Scotland's lost chances. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery


A Passion For Scotland Eschewing xenophobia, his deep understanding of how Scotland's history touches her people shines through. All over Scotland, into England and Europe, over to Canada, Chicago and Washington - the people and the places that bring Scotland's story to life, and death,and, revealed for the first time, the burial places of all Scotland's monarchs.

This is not a history book. But it covers history. 
This is not a travel guide. But some places mentioned might be worth a visit. 
This is not a political manifesto. But a personal one. 
Read this book. It might make you angry. It might give you hope. You might shed a tear. You might not agree with him, but read this book & you might rediscover your roots & your passion for Scotland.

David R. Ross is passionate about Scotland's past & its future. In this heartfelt journey through Scotland's story, he shares his passion for what it means to be a Scot, tackling the Act of Union, the Jacobite rebelion and revealing, for the first time, the final resting places of all Scotland's Kings and Queens. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery


William Wallace, His Birthplace & Family Connections by J C Borland

Over the years we've had all sorts of people including historians (who should know better) claiming that William Wallace was born in Ayrshire and not Renfrewshire!!

To knock this scurrilous rumour on the head the Society has commissioned a second edition of the hugely popular book "William Wallace, His Birthplace And Family Connections" read it and be assured once and for all where Scotland's favourite son was born!!

Highly recomended for those who believe in an Ayrshire birthplace.

Endorsed by David R Ross & Duncan Fenton.

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