The Society is a non-political organisation dedicated to upholding the memory of Scotland’s great patriotic hero, Sir William Wallace, and we maintain the principles that Wallace himself held so dear - principles for which Wallace was willing to give up his life.

Wallace put the freedom of his country and people above all else in life, and the members of the Society seek to emulate these ideals, Scotland’s freedom being paramount in our aims. But people join the Society for many reasons, and we welcome people of all creeds and nationalities, many of whom join as they can relate to the basic right of each nation to self-governance, and understand Wallace’s love for his native soil.

Everyone who joins the Society is welcome to attend the quarterly meetings, and will receive a quarterly newsletter by email, and will be informed of any other pertinent information that has reference to Wallace or the Society.

The Society helps to educate, and also to collect data, both historical and contemporary, regarding the life or legacy of Wallace.

The Society runs several events on an annual basis; the most important of these is “Wallace Day” - a day to commemorate the life of Wallace, held on the nearest Saturday to the anniversary of his shameful murder, on the spot where Wallace first saw the light of day at Elderslie in Renfrewshire. The speeches take place on the very spot where Wallace was born, in the site of the original Wallace property.

There is also a commemoration at the monument at Robroyston near Glasgow every year, the monument marking the site in which the hero of Scotland was basely betrayed.

Smithfield in London. The monument to mark Wallace's place of execution.

Stirling Bridge and Falkirk are of course remembered, and the Society takes part in the events organised by other patriotic Scottish groups. A list of these may be found under the 'Forthcoming Events' page from the menu

Sir William Wallace may have no grave, and may have died thinking all was lost, but the Society will always strive to uphold his memory and continue to uphold all that he held dear.

Wallace was taught these words by his uncle, the priest of Dunipace-

Freedom is best, I tell thee true,
Of all things to be won,
Then never live within the bonds of slavery, my son.

As pertinent today as they were seven centuries ago.


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The Society of William Wallace is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registration number SC045959