The annual Society commemoration at Bannockburn was held on Sunday June 25th this year.

We had a great day at Bannockburn yesterday despite our leader being arrested! More on Duncan later.

Phil The Town Cryer from Lanark kicked off proceedings with a Welcome Poem and a Poem about the Battle of Bannockburn, both were brilliant. Ted Christopher was excellent as always with words between the speakers and singing Scottish Dawn and Scots Wha Hae. I recited the Poem around the Rotunda and gave an explanation of each line by Kathleen Jamie.

Apparently, Molly turned and stared when she heard my voice on the microphone. Then Big Duncan was arrested by the Town Cryer for apparently 'philandering' with 'multiple ladies' in Inverness. Weirdly, the crowd didn't appear shocked by this accusation Care tae explain yersel' Dunky? Oh, and it was duly noted that you pointed at me when Phil asked if anyone could identify the whereabouts of Duncan Thomson. Once in custody, the Town Cryer explained that Duncan could only be released if everyone sang Happy Birthday to Duncan which of course, they did. Well done, Nicky, Alexis, Alyson, and Jill for this impromptu ruse that I couldn't even let Ted know as Duncan was holding a brolly over him. By the way, ladies, have any of you been to Inverness recently?

After his release, Duncan spoke fondly about King Robert living in the Renton, the work of the Artizans in Lanark, and in Schools last week. Duncan also spoke of the Good Sir James Douglas, Teba, and Simon Collings taking the King's Heart to Jerusalem. Inspirational as always - well done Duncan.

We then retired to the Tartan Arms for food, with music from young Gracie Kelly from Bannockburn, Ted Christopher and Adrian Robertson. Graeme Brown came out of the crowd and did a few songs as well. Fantastic from our musicians. The raffle made £180 and was donated to the Strathleven Artizans. We also sold 10 Scottish Superheroes T-Shirts and Hoodies, with £5 from each sale going to the Strathleven Artizans.

I have created the 2024 event today, so we have a year to build up next year's event. I've booked the Tartan Arms for the 23rd of June from 3 - 8 pm. Hope you are all safe and well, and thanks and well done to everyone who has been smashing it over the past 6 months at the various Artizan Events from Scone through to Bannockburn.
Incredible effort everyone.
Thank you
Steven — feeling inspired.

Ted sings
Wreath laying
Monument and wreaths
Some of the (damp) crowd
Duncan's speech

Grateful thanks to Stephanie Reilly and John Orr for the photos

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