My Fellow Society Members,

This is a design that I have put together with a view to commissioning a tribute flag for David R Ross which we could carry proudly at future marches, parades and Society gatherings throughout our social calendar each year.

I hope you will all consider my proposal with a favourable outcome.

I have thought very long and very hard about how David’s untimely death has had an impact on everyone who met and knew him, both here at home and also abroad in the USA.

Everyone who came into contact with David could not help but be enthralled by his natural enthusiasm, his great knowledge and his passion for Scotland, her people, her history, her future and her patriots and heroes.

David was a high-profile figure who championed Wallace and Scotland’s Cause wherever his travels took him, both through his many books, his US tours with Albannach and the talks and speeches he made at many, many events the length and breadth of Scotland.

Who among us who joined him in London in August 2005 can ever forget the feelings, emotions and the pride we all shared on that great day as we stood in Westminster on the very spot Wallace stood to face his fate at the hands of the foreign invader.

The six mile march along the route Wallace was dragged to his murder, with the city of London clapping and smiling but very confused as Davy’s army marched tall and proud that fine sunny afternoon.

The state funeral for Wallace in St. Bartholomew’s which left us all who attended emotionally drained but with a satisfaction of a job well done.

The fantastic “wake” at the Welsh centre where we all let our hair down and celebrated our National Hero’s life and deeds like only we Scots can!

And finally when we brought the spirit of Wallace back home to the land of his birth that he fought so hard for and ultimately paid the highest price after 700 years, thanks to David R Ross.

How could we ever find the appropriate words to thank David for sharing that special day with us?

Just how much David was respected and well- thought of was brought home to me personally when I met up with the American party who recently visit these shores on their “homecoming tour”

Every single one of those 40 Americans spoke so fondly of David and I could tell that they will miss him as much as we do. I also know that because of the passion and pride he held for Scotland and Wallace, the same passion and pride he had installed in all of them, that this was the reason many, if not all, had chosen to “come home”.
They felt so honoured just to walk in David’s footsteps and finally see for themselves the great nation that David had described so vividly to them.
The tour was such a success that already more visits are planned this year and the next and also Bannockburn 2014.

My personal opinion is, that as David devoted almost all of his too short life dedicated to Scotland’s history and in particular, William Wallace, it would be only fitting and proper that the Society of William Wallace pay tribute to our late friend and convenor,( in addition to the plaque at Robroyston and the proposed plaque at Stirling), by having a visual tribute which would be on display at all our events and anniversaries throughout the coming years.
It would be a small price to pay to remember our friend,  a Great Scot and Patriot and will ensure David is with us always whenever we commemorate special events and anniversaries.

David cannot be at Elderslie in 2012 or Bannockburn 2014 in the physical sense but his tribute flag can.
Imagine, will you, the Society of William Wallace marching onto the fields of Bannockburn carrying David’s tribute flag high and proud on the 700th Anniversary of the battle itself.

I think we as the Society of William Wallace owe David this small accolade and gesture as an indication of how much he meant to us and Scotland.
I think if anybody should be remembered with a tribute flag, it’s David R Ross. For the reasons I’ve outlined above and more.
He has earned it and he deserves it.

I hope you will all feel likewise.


Ideally it would be great to have this tribute flag in place for Bannockburn 2010 or at least for Robroyston and Elderslie in August.so with that in mind, fund raising for this proposal is of paramount importance.

I am of the opinion that the existing Society funds should NOT be used to finance David’s tribute flag as this would only drain the account and I don’t think David would have wanted that.
I suggest that in the first instance we could approach society members and friends through the Society website and Facebook account to make whatever donation they see fit into a tribute account which could easily be set up.
If 53 members/friends pledge £10 each, we’re there.
If anyone has any other fund-raising thoughts or ideas please let me know.

I also think that our friends in the USA might be interested in being involved and providing funding for such a worthy cause and a lasting remembrance for David.

I really hope this idea meets with your approval. Thank You,

Yours Aye,
William Ballantyne

If you'd like to donate to David's flag, please click on the paypal button below, thank you.

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