Well that's Wallace Day finished for another year and I would like to thank everyone who turned up to make this year another cracking event, we can only put on a show and hope people turn up. To the wonderful speakers on the day; music by Ted Christopher, Hugh the piper, and Britannia XIV, we'll see you all next year; also a big congratulations to Neil Lochiel for winning the David R Ross award, very well deserved.

Gary Stewart

It's really difficult to put into words, what a day like yesterday means to me, so it’s overwhelming to hear someone express exactly the same feeling in their words. And Ted Christopher did that to perfection. I’m an active member of the Society Of William Wallace, admittedly, less than I have been and much less than I would prefer. But yesterday, having to cancel the usual march from Johnston to the Wallace memorial monument in Elderslie, the site of William Wallace’s birth, for reasons outwith the Society's control, we set about doing our best to make the actual memorial as fitting a tribute as is possible to Scotlands greatest Patriot and Hero.
In my opinion we succeeded. Yesterday isn't about any individual, society, movement, march or shindig after. Yesterday is purely an opportunity for we grateful and modern day patriots to honour Sir William Wallace.
Job done.
There are other visions for this day but I'll tell you my feeling. Yesterday was perfect, other than that on Wallace Day, there should be THOUSANDS there. No excuses. It happens the same Saturday every year. The nearest to the 23rd August, the day Wallace died, so that you may be free. Now, what you do with that freedom is up to you, but by Wallace's example, you should at least cherish the idea of it. Let's get it done!

So, get it in your program of events for next year. 22st August. 3pm at the Elderslie Wallace Memorial Monument. I would like to say a massive congratulations to the truly worthy recipient of the David R Ross award yesterday, Neil Lochiel. I was filled with so much pride just knowing what this gentleman has done for the Society and for Scotland. Keep an eye out for a proper review of the day on the Society’s Facebook page, we had great speakers all round, great music from Ted, a humorous and informative reenactment with the society wreath laid by Sherry Fowler Byrd and the lament played to perfection by Hugh Scott.
You might consider also a £10 annual membership, worth investing in with the SOWW.

George Kempik

The tent's up and ready
Neil opens proceedings
Stuart McMillan, MSP, speaks
Stuart introduces Clan Hunter's Chief, Madam Pauline of Hunterston
Madam Pauline makes her speech
Some of the crowd
Hugh plays the lament
A minute's silence
Shelley lays the Society wreath
The Vice Vice Convenor prepares a wee surprise
Neil's ghast is utterly flabbered...
Ted tells a story about the Walk in 2005
Nick tells a related story
Britannia battle
Someone commented "Boyzone haven't aged well"
The principal suspects
Some of the display items
John Orr and Michael Balahura, by George Boyle

Thanks to George Boyle, John Orr and Michael Balahura for the photos

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